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If you always run through an endless mental checklist every time you leave home, of the worries of do I have my wallet and cell phone, you're not alone. For this fact, we introduced the cellphone wallet case at Digital Rawness to keep you organized and out of the door in a flash with having your wallet and the protection of your cellphone all in one place. Its flat but convenient slick leather-like material makes just the right amount of space for your business cards or other cards of choice to slip into the left side of the wallet and your phone on the right for the convenience of accessibility. The phone holder can even slide up for access to the camera without removing the phone to prevent separation that may cause you to lose your cell phone or damage it. It's built of high-quality leather-like materials with an exquisite design that gives an admiring appearance and lasts a long time.

Stay secure; RFID protection material for holding Credit cards and the ability to fit different essential needs on your items such as ID cards, money, and tickets. The Digital Rawness cellphone wallet case allows you the flexibility and freedom to keep your phone and other vital documents in one sleek configuration. It is a solid choice if you're looking for an expandable holder that will keep your cards and cash wholly hidden. Get the best deals on cellphone wallet cases when you shop at the largest online selection at Digital Rawness.

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