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Silver Watch - Unisex Fit and Band Options - Bait on Yourself Everyday

Silver Watch - Unisex Fit and Band Options - Bait on Yourself Everyday

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Wear your style with this Bait on Yourself graphic silver watch. We have 40mm men's Watches | 34mm Women's Watches sizes available where you can choose a band color to fix the style you are looking for. Japanese movement and strengthened alloy body with stainless steel back. 100% real genuine leather or stainless steel bands. Not only do the watches have an original Digital Rawness design, but they also have high quality print that will impress not only you but also others. More information about the features of the Men's and Women's watches is provided below.



Use Yourself as Bait Every day timepiece as a reminder, do yourself a favor by making sure that when you woke up this mourning, it was not a wasted day. Only you can rely on yourself to show up for your dreams of how you want to live. We have to show up to live our lives, we may take our self-worth for granted. But we must not only live, but strive to live with an elevated mindset of wanting to be the best version of ourselves every day.

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